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8 April 1986
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Hi (≧▽≦)

How do i Explain myself the best ?
I think i will just say that i LOVE J-ROCK or shoud i say, all things what it have to do something with east-Asia ?
Because of a Friend of me (‐^▽^‐), i'm here on LJ, i'm not so into it now, so be kind /nice with me if i do something wrong (/TДT)/ . English is not my native language, so i'm sorry for this, too m(u_u)m
I think i will write something what i have, something about my Day, or Informations about somebands or something else, don't know know.
At least i want to say that i am not so talk-(write)-aktive, sooo don't get it wrong if i don't replay often or give less comments o(;△;)o

Ahhhh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
i still don't figured it out how LJ works 。(´д`)

Why this nickname ?
Because i have a pet with the name Kumiko, sooooo kawaiiiii o(〃^▽^〃)o
and i adore Wataru Miyawaki, that is the reason of the name, nothing special xDD

I think i have written toooo much.

Bye-Bye ゚゚゚゚゚-y(^。^)。o0○

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